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Ibex and Wild Boar Pprogram

In Uzbekistan, ibex hunting is organized within the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park in the Pskem natural limit (27 thousand hectares from the Karakiz-Say to Karangitugai), on the right banks of the Pskem and Akbulak rivers (8 thousand hectares of the Sargardon-Say). The total area of the plot for ibex hunting is more than 35 thousand hectares. Geographically, this hunting entity is located on the southwestern slopes of the Chatkal Ridge, which, in turn, belongs to the Tien Shan Mountain System.

Hunting entities are located within 150 to 250 km from Tashkent, the journey takes 2 to 4 hours. To receive guests, a hunting lodge has been built at the camp. The maximum number of hunters that can participate in Ibex hunting at a time is 2 or 3 persons. In vertical distribution, hunting can be carried out 1.5 to 3 thousand meters above sea level depending on the season and the weather conditions of each particular hunting season.

Basic tour cost

Mid Asian ibex up to 129 cm — $10000; over 130 cm — $15000
Wild boar — $2,500 (additional $1,500 will be charged for each subsequent trophy)

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Mid Asian Ibex

The length of a trophy ibex’s horns is 1 meter or more, the age of the animal is 9 to 13 years, and its weight
is 80 to 150 kg. The best hunting season is during the rutting period, which starts from November 15th. In
terms of time, earlier hunting tours, which are generally equally successful, are possible, too. It is allowed
to hunt ibexes throughout the year. During the
hunt, it is possible to ride horses or go on foot accompanied by a guide. Accommodation — a fly camp,
depending on weather conditions.

When organizing a hunting tour, the following services are provided:

Execution of documents for the bringing of hunting weapons into Uzbekistan

Meeting/seeing off guests

Provision of accommodation

Provision of licenses (permits) for shooting wild animals

Provision of experienced gamekeepers

Provision of transport


Horses if needed

Pre-processing of the trophy

Hunting in Uzbekistan

The country’s climate is distinctly continental, i.e. it is normally hot in the daytime, and it maybe frosty at
nights. Since hunting may take 2 or 3 days without returning to the camp, hunters must have: sleeping
bags, boots and leggings of adequate quality, light down jackets, binoculars.
The usual shooting distance is 300 to 500 m. The best calibers are 7 mm RM, 300 Win Mag and higher.
The best number of hunters in a group is 2 people (3 – maximum) because, during the hunt, participants
can interfere with or disturb each other.

Hunting itself takes 5 days, taking into account the day of arrival and the day of departure, the total duration is 7 days.
Basic requirements for hunting: in case if an animal has been wounded, but managed to escape or
something of the sort, the client shall be obliged to pay the cost of the service license and 50% of the cost of the trophy.

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